P.Za Kitchen Frequently Asked Questions

Formaggio Pizza, Italian Deluxe Pizza and Meatball Ricotta Pizza in a delivery box with a mountain dew can, a pepsi can, a Passion Fruit La Croix can and Grapefruit La Croix can as well as 3 chocolate chip cookies .

You got questions? We got answers. And delicious Roman style pizzas to deliver straight to your door.

What is P.Za Kitchen?

P.ZA Kitchen is a delivery only restaurant serving up made-to -order Roman style pizzas and fresh salads made with high quality ingredients. We’ve got options to satisfy every craving, whether you’re a meat lover or a veg head. Simply click here to order.

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What is Roman Style Pizza?

Roman Style pizza or Pizza Al Taglio (pizza by the cut or slice) is a type of pizza baked in rectangular custom made pans. The key characteristic is a light and airy pizza crust with large air bubbles.

Where is P.Za Kitchen located?

P.Za Kitchen is a delivery only restaurant with over 70 locations around the United States. We deliver within 5-10 miles of our kitchen locations. Click here to start your order, enter your delivery address and see if we deliver delicious Roman style pizzas and fresh salads to your area.

Do you have pizza delivery near me? Where do you deliver?

We deliver within 5-10 miles of our kitchen. Enter your address in our location order page to see if we deliver to your area.

When is P.Za Kitchen coming to my area?

P.Za Kitchen is spreading the Roman style pizza love across the U.S. If we are not yet delivering in your area, please send us a message at [email protected] and let us know where you want to say “Ooh ZA ZA”

Can I pick up my pizza? Do you offer carry out?

P.Za Kitchen is a delivery only restaurant and currently does not offer carry out. We believe in bringing delicious to you. All you have to do is tap here to place your order, pour yourself a cold beverage and get ready to say “Ooh ZA ZA”

What is the size of your pizzas?

Our Roman style pizzas are 8×12 and are cut into 6 rectangular slices.

How many portions in your pizza? How many people do your pizzas feed?

Our rectangular pizzas are cut into 6 rectangular slices. They can easily be shared between 1-2 adults depending on how hungry you are and if you are also sharing some of our fresh salads. (and don’t forget to save room for dessert!)

Do you offer the option to create your own pizza?

We currently do not offer the option to create your own pizza. If you wish to remove any items, please include this in the special instructions field.

What is the nutritional information for your pizzas?

Please message us at [email protected] with any questions about our ingredients and nutritional information.

Do you offer pizza coupons? Are there any discount codes?

Sign up to be a VIP.Za Member here to receive our special pizza offers, coupons and promotions via email. We promise not to spam your inbox and only send you delicious deals.

What delivery services do you use?

Delivery service providers vary by area. Once you select your location you will be able to see delivery options.

What times are you open?

We are open for delivery seven days a week. Hours of operation vary by location.

What is the best way to reheat Roman Style Pizza?

Our chef recommends to preheat your cookie sheet in a 350F oven. When oven has come to temperature, place pizza slices on the preheated cookie sheet. Heat pizza until warmed through, about 5 minutes.

Do you have any recommendations on what to do with leftover pizza?

Delicious as delivered, our Roman style pizzas also offer the perfect base for you to have fun and add a variety of your own toppings. Think of additional cheeses, meats or veggies. Even a fried egg added to our Amatriciana pizza with bacon can make a perfect breakfast pizza the morning after! Here’s 5 Ways to Take Your Leftover Pizza to the Next Level.

Do you offer catering for office parties or home parties?

P.Za Kitchen Roman style pizzas and fresh salads are great for office parties or pizza parties at home. Order a variety of pizzas, fresh salads, and desserts to share with everyone. Pizzas can be shared between 1-2 people when ordered in conjunction with salads.

I have an issue with the delivery service, who can I contact?

We are so sorry to hear you’ve had issues with delivery. Please contact your delivery service provider directly.

If you have any other concerns, please contact us at [email protected] We want to make it right and appreciate your business.

Who owns P.Za Kitchen? Who is your parent company?

P.Za Kitchen is owned and operated by restaurant industry leaders that have been feeding hungry diners all over the world for over thirty years. Our parent company is Virtual Dining Concepts.

What are the most popular pizzas to order for pizza delivery?

If you’re curious which P.Za Kitchen creations are the most popular nationwide, read this article. Is your favorite pizza in the top 3?