Not All Italian Pizzas Are Created Equal

Sicilian pizza cut in to slices, salad in a bowl and 2 cookies paired with red wine.

Pizza night looks different as you travel through Italy and the United States. You may find Neapolitan pizza or Roman style pizza, calzones or Siciliana and many more styles. Each with its own set of unique characteristics.

At P.Za Kitchen, we fell in love with Roman style pizza. When our chefs were walking down the sidewalks of Rome seeing hungry diners devouring rectangular pizza slices on the go, they knew it was the perfect style for our delivery only restaurant.

Roman style pizza has been gaining popularity in the United States in the past few years, but it originated in Rome in the early 1960’s. It is now widespread throughout Central Italy.

What are the Different Styles of Roman Pizza?

Roman style pizza comes in two different styles

  • Pizza al taglio means pizza by the cut or pizza by the slice, which is the kind or Roman pizza we make at P.Za Kitchen. It is rectangular and has a thicker base, similar to focaccia. In Rome it is commonly enjoyed as a take-away dish which is why it’s perfect for us to deliver straight to your door.
  • Pizza tonda or pizza bassa is a whole round pizza with a thin base. Most sit-down restaurants in Rome serve this style.
    Italian Deluxe Pizza made by P.Za Kitchen.

    What is the Difference Between Roman Style Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza?

    The key difference between Roman style pizza and Neapolitan pizza is the ingredients for the dough. Specifically, the addition of olive oil, which contributes to the crispness of the crust. It also adds weight and flavor as well.

    P.Za Kitchen Roman Style Pizza Dough is allowed to rest in the refrigerator for two whole days, resulting in a light and airy crust, different from the crisp and chewy Neapolitan crust.

    Roman style pizza does not have an official recognition and agreed upon definition, like Neapolitan Pizza which is recognised under the European Union’s Traditional Specialty Guaranteed and UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. This means we can be much more creative with our pizzas while still maintaining high quality standards.

    Another key difference between Roman Style pizza and Neapolitan pizza is the ovens and the pans used. Naples favors large brick ovens, Rome prefers smaller, stone-lined deck ovens. Due to the oven’s evenly heated rectangular shape, larger and longer pizza was preferred over round ones.

    Fresh Meatball Ricotta pizza in pan out of the oven made by P.Za Kitchen.

    P.Za Kitchen Delivers Roman Style Pizza

    P.Za Kitchen is bringing the flavors of Italy straight to your door. Enjoy our Roman-style pizzas and fresh salads delivered to your home or office, as we are a delivery only restaurant. Check out our location page to see if we deliver to your area.

    Whether you’re a meat lover or veg head, it’s time to get our Roman style pizzas and fresh salads delivered and say “Ooh ZA ZA!” Click here to order.

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